PresbyMAX<sup>®</sup> Module

PresbyMAX® Module

PresbyMAX allows the safe and efficient treatment of emmetropic, myopic and  hyperopic patients as well as patients with astigmatism whose accommodative response is restricted.

With the PresbyMAX module, it is now possible to choose between three different treatment types. 

PresbyMAX Symmetric
treats the dominant and non-dominant eye equally regarding depth of focus and the refractive target, thus ensuring optimal near vision

PresbyMAX µ-Monovision
PresbyMAX µ-Monovision creates the same depth of focus in both eyes. However, the dominant eye focuses slightly more towards near vision. The result: A faster visual recovery and better intermediate and far vision quality.

PresbyMAX ® Hybrid
is the latest generation and is also based on different target values. But in contrast to µ-Monovision, a different depth of focus is generated in the dominant and non-dominant eye. This ensures an extremely fast visual recovery and an especially high quality of distance vision.

Facts and Features

Bi-aspheric multifocal profiles

Binocular vision

Comfortable vision at all distances

Unique widely range of treatments

Ablation of the combined ablation volume

Presby Reversal


Six-month outcomes with PresbyMAX Hybrid. (September 2014)

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Six-month outcomes with PresbyMAX Hybrid. (September 2014)

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Six Month LASIK Outcomes with PresbyMAX

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