„No-Touch“ Surface Treatment with SCHWIND AMARIS Laser Systems

With the SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems it is possible to carry out no-touch, all-laser surface ablations.

The so-called TransPRK (Transepithelial Photorefractive Keratectomy) is an advanced version of surface treatments as LASEK, Epi-LASIK and PRK. Thereby the epithelium, which is the regenerative surface of the eye, is ablated by the laser system. The TransPRK is a transepithelial single-step treatment that avoids the eye coming into contact with any instrument.

SmartSurfACE combines the benefits of touch-free TransPRK surface treatment with innovative SmartPulse Technology. Please find more at

Facts and Features

Precise ablation with the laser

Exactly calculated epithelial thickness profile

Compensating different tissue ablation


Trans PRK Flyer

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Trans PRK Flyer

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TransPRK: Single-step, no-touch technique. Versatile approach for advanced surface laser ablation. SCHWIND NEWS 1-2011

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