Revolutionary SmartPulse Technology for treatment with SCHWIND AMARIS®

A three-dimensional fullerene model is used to give a very accurate depiction of the cornea.

With the launch of SmartPulse, the AMARIS product family continues as a pacesetter in refractive corneal surgery. The SCHWIND company developed this innovative feature to accelerate visual acuity recovery after treatment. The starting point was the recognition that a smoother cornea has a positive effect on vision, particularly during the first few days after treatment. Smart Pulse optimizes the smoothness of the corneal surface. AMARIS patients experience a real ‘wow effect’ when they notice how well they can see immediately after surgery. 

SmartPulse improves vision quality in the early postoperative phase of all treatment methods, whether stromal or surface. The effect of a very smooth cornea surface is most evident with surface treatments, where neither a LASIK flap nor epithelium helps smooth the stromal surface before regeneration. TransPRK multi-centre outcomes with over 1000 eyes document the exceptionally high efficacy of SmartPulse.

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