• Extension CXL-365 on the Amaris laser systems in parking position


CXL-365 vario system

Corneal stability with SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems –
user-friendly and precise eye laser system.

SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions is the only manufacturer to offer integral corneal crosslinking as an option for its laser systems.

Integration in the workflow; usable immediately – no adjustment required

Three power levels for the right treatment for each patient 

The CXL-365 vario extension is integrated into the workflow of the SCHWIND AMARIS laser, so that additional adjustment and space are not required.

Numerous clinical studies have shown that corneal collagen crosslinking (CXL) by UV light prevents the progression of keratoconus or ectasia after LASIK, so that the patient’s vision quality is retained. The procedure is low-cost and simple.


The CXL-365 vario has three power levels, 3, 9 and 18 mW/cm2, allowing the doctor to tailor the procedure to the patient. At the highest level, treatment takes under five minutes. 


Adjusted ablation

The ORK-CAM module in the SCHWIND CAM planning tool offers a post-CXL function for cases where refractive ablation follows corneal crosslinking. This increases the precision of the excimer laser treatment by adjusting the ablation rate for crosslinked corneal tissue.

  • Product shot of the extension CXL-365 connected to the Amaris laser system
  • Photo of the extension CXL-365 with a patient
  • Swivelling function of the extension CXL-365 on the Amaris laser systems


The UV beam diameter can be steplessly adjusted between 7 and 11.3 mm. This protects the limbal stem cells while permitting exact coverage of the part of the cornea to be crosslinked.



The CXL-365 vario system fits directly under the laser arm. The treatment levels of the SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems and the SCHWIND CXL-365 vario system are thus identical. This direct access makes operation very easy for the doctor. In parking position the UV emitter is over a sensor, for a simple energy check before treatment. For the treatment, the system is simply moved to the left and into position.

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