Jobs at Schwind: Product Management

What are the tasks of a product manager?

Our employee Jaroslavas Belovickis (Dr. Phys.) is a product manager for laser treatments at SCHWIND Product Management.

About the product management department

Product management (PDM) at SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions can be divided into three main areas: strategy, technology and go-to-market. This includes  competitive analyses, organization of customer interviews, creation of user specifications for implementation by the research and development (R&D) department for new products or product updates, execution of validation processes, support in the clinical evaluation process of new products, post-market surveillance of a medical device as well as support marketing and sales activities. The assessment of the implementation of change requests and their process support as well as the discontinuation process of product components represent the main tasks in the area of product life cycle. Participation in (inter-) national congresses and user meetings round off the multi-faceted range of tasks within the company.

Typical responsibilities of a product manager

Generally, the routine of workaday starts with checking emails as well as the calendar for upcoming issues and meetings, respectively. At the beginning of the day, it is essential to distinguish between priorities like dealing with urgent tasks or long-term strategic planning and activities. As being responsible for the product division “Treat” at SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions GmbH, the majority of the time may flow in appraisal and assessment of data for clinical evaluation, market surveillance, planning validation activities for the aforementioned product part group or checking and modifying customer information for use.

Product management makes an important contribution to the success of the company.

What do you like about your work as a product manager?

Particularly, I like the variety of tasks. As a product manager, I have the opportunity to accompany the products intensively from the development phase to its release and to contribute actively afterwards. The further support during the product life cycle provides new insights and aspects, meanwhile, keeps the work exciting. As a product manager I am always learning new things and can constantly broaden my horizon.

What are the requirements for working as a product manager in ophthalmology? What qualifications do you have?

I obtained my PhD in physics in Lithuania. This was linked to a doctoral internship in the field of electrical engineering and information technology in Germany, where the focus was on materials application in medical technologies. The education helped me to understand working methods of ophthalmological techniques. In addition, I have already worked in the field of laser surgery since 2012, where I was able to lay the foundation for my current knowledge in ophthalmology. I have always found business trips interesting, as I noticed already during my studies that during business trips you can discover other technologies as well as new methods.

How many years are you already part of the SCHWIND family?

Before I started working at Schwind in 2017, I had heard a lot about the SCHWIND company as one of the "Leaders in Technology" from befriended service engineers and well-known doctors. This circle of people had enough international experience and could therefore conclusively evaluate and judge the topic "State of Art" on the ophthalmology market. It was not difficult for me to decide for SCHWIND, since the company had a well-known reputation for new technologies and developments. 

Jaroslavas Belovickis (Dr. Phys.) is one of the product managers at SCHWIND and regularly checks the SCHWIND eye laser systems

What is your personal advice to people who have a personal interest in working in product management?

I would recommend to be always curious and to be prepared to take on new tasks frequently. A high degree of commitment and an open ear for new things will help in the practice and further development as a product manager.

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