Website FAQs


How do I download a brochure?

On the page for the respective product you will find a link where you can order the product brochure by email.
If you are a distributor or customer, please log in to the SCHWIND Portal to download brochures.
In the patient area you will find a download link for the patient brochure.


Where is the website for patients?

We have integrated our former patient website into this website. Here you can find information for patients.


Where can I find the SCHWIND media library?

You can find a press kit with texts and photos here.
Our distributors and customers can access an extensive media library by logging onto the SCHWIND Portal.
Do you need more marketing materials from SCHWIND? Send an email to


Where can I sign up to get access to the SCHWIND Portal?

Sign up in the SCHWIND Portal with your email address and follow the registration process. You'll find a detailed description of the process in the instruction for the SCHWIND Portal (download PDF).


Where can I find the latest information on SCHWIND?

Visit our Infocenter and subscribe to our Newsletter to stay well informed at all times. Follow us on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.


How do I find a SCHWIND distributor?

We distribute our laser systems in over 100 countries. Find your distributor in the Distributor finder.


What makes the SCHWIND Excimer lasers special?

We are one of the technology leaders in excimer lasers for refractive corneal surgery. You can find out more about SCHWIND AMARIS lasers here.


Why am I not getting SCHWIND News anymore?

We stopped putting out the printed SCHWIND News at the end of 2017. Now we send them exclusively by email. Subscribe to our Newsletter here.