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Ten-year cooperation with Gaush Medical

SCHWIND is celebrating tremendous success in China

More than 200 AMARIS users from the South West China region have been gathered on March, 15th + 16th in Guangzhou to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the SCHWIND – Gaush partnership in China.

With almost 300 SCHWIND AMARIS Excimer Lasers installed in China, the partnership has been a tremendous success. SCHWIND’s continues technology innovation and the extensive technical service and clinical support by Gaush made this possible.

Many presentations by Drs. of the major hospitals in South-West China region have been held, followed by a panel discussion among users including Michael Fichtner, Head of Sales, SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions.

The unique surface treatment method, in China called “SMART”, finds more and more users, who are convinced that this treatment method is the most accepted by their patients and a serious alternative to LASIK.

The evening has been closed with a Gala Dinner and an award session for SCHWIND AMARIS users.

Impressions from the anniversary celebration in China

Celebration of 10-year cooperation between Gaush Medical in China and SCHWIND

Video on the occasion of the 10-year collaboration with Gaush Medical

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