Press Release 01.04.2024

New Head of Marketing at SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions

Lohith Shetty takes responsibility for Global Marketing

SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions GmbH has announced the appointment of Lohith Shetty as the new Head of Marketing. Lohith Shetty was recently appointed to lead the company’s marketing operations, reinforcing the company´s commitment to drive growth in their ophthalmology business. He brings with him more than 13 years of diverse experience in sales and marketing roles, working for some of the leading global healthcare brands. 

After post-graduating in management, Lohith Shetty began his career in the pharmaceutical sector and eventually entered the medical device business. Having started out in sales, he transitioned into the marketing role and has led multiple B2B and patient marketing projects internationally with great success. He eventually gained a wealth of marketing expertise while employed by one of the leading refractive lasers manufacturers, where he initiated and oversaw several successful marketing campaigns. Throughout his professional life, he has gained extensive knowledge in numerous transformation processes and global team networking. 

As part of his new role at SCHWIND, Lohith Shetty will head and manage the customer journey from start to finish and will establish the marketing touch points with end users of the SCHWIND technology. His objective is to combine strengths in technology and marketing to make full use of potential and accelerate growth. Together with the SCHWIND customers and distributors, he wants to further expand the international network, and, with his team, he envisions to drive awareness about the benefits of SCHWIND technology to more and more consumers worldwide.

“Lohith Shetty offers both specialist know-how and an understanding of the future requirements of our market. His experience and expertise in the refractive segment are a major value add to our team. We look forward to working with him to further extend our global market position and increase demand for SCHWIND technologies in our target markets,” said SCHWIND CSO Lars Ederleh.

Domenic Von Planta, CEO of SCHWIND, expressed his confidence in the organization´s growth potential stating, “We recently crossed the one hundred production milestone for one of the most advanced femto-second lasers, SCHWIND ATOS and our order pipeline continues to remain strong. This is a testimony to the fact that we are well positioned for great growth in following years. With on boarding of Lohith Shetty, we further reinforce our marketing efforts to achieve our ambitious vision.

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  • Lohith Shetty, Schwind eye-tech-solutions GmbH

    Lohith Shetty, Head of Marketing, SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions GmbH