Welcome to the SCHWIND family

A focus on personal care

As a company, we are completely focused on our customers. This commitment is evident in everything we do, and it is one of the reasons we enjoy such exceptional customer loyalty.
The personal connection with our users is deeply rooted in our company culture, and customers quickly notice that we are more than just a manufacturer. 

This gives rise to trusting relationships and the feeling of being part of a family – the SCHWIND family. The family includes our 200 employees, who devote all of their energy and ability to making one of the world’s most modern, safest, and most precise eye laser technologies.

The close relationship with customers naturally also means that when needed, we react quickly and directly. Each of our customers has their own contact person, and our Service Department can be reached 365 days a year. 

Our entire focus is on refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery. We always have an open ear for the questions, concerns, and suggestions of our customers because we do all of our development with an eye to practical considerations.

The ergonomics and ease of use of our devices are based on our users’ experiences, and the exchange of ideas with ophthalmic surgeons is what enables us to deliver the high level of practical, specific benefits of our products. Together, as the SCHWIND family, we are constantly advancing the technology and practice of eye lasering.

The SCHWIND philosophy

Shared values form the basis of our daily operations.