SCHWIND MEDNET – Secure, convenient data management for clinics

More network efficiency

SCHWIND MEDNET is a network solution that helps clinics and doctors work more efficiently by greatly simplifying data management. It reduces the administrative burden, so that physicians can concentrate on their patients.

SCHWIND MEDNET links all SCHWIND technologies used in the clinic. All data is automatically stored in one instance on the MEDNET server and can be conveniently accessed and used at any SCHWIND MEDNET workplace, or remotely online. There is no more need for removable data media such as SD cards or USB sticks with the associated handling. 

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Benefits at a glance

Networking of all SCHWIND technologies used in the clinic

Easy access to all data from any location

Central and secure data storage

Simplified data handling

More effective workflows

Efficiency in the clinical environment

The intelligent SCHWIND MEDNET Manager software provides secure, consistent data transfer, and simplifies network administration.

PDF files, system and treatment log files can be stored centrally in a virtual patient file for use in subsequent treatments. All documents generated with SCHWIND MEDNET can be stored as PDF files and printed out on any printer in the network.

SCHWIND MEDNET is easy to integrate with the existing clinical IT infrastructure.

Comprehensive support 

If desired, all connected systems can be remotely checked by SCHWIND Online Remote Services. This immediate support saves time and minimises service and maintenance costs.

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    SCHWIND MEDNET: The network solution