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More than 1700 of our laser systems have been installed worldwide, and many highly respected doctors have had excellent experience with our excimer lasers.

German eye surgeon and scientist Detlev Breyer, MD, successfully undergoes presbyopia treatment with SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS.

Innovative by nature? Some business models imply this presumption, especially those from Svjetlost group. “Invest in the best possible technology and practice what you preach” is the philosophy.

Tobias Neuhann, Medical Head at Augenklinik am Marienplatz, Munich, Germany, knows what he wants in a laser – and that is 100 percent reliability.

Improved astigmatism correction is considered to be one of the major challenges in refractive surgery. The objective is to increase the patient’s satisfaction with regard to quality of vision.

The Gaza Strip, with around 1.86 million inhabitants, is one of the most densely populated and, at the same time, most isolated parts of the world.

The treatment of high hyperopia in corneal refractive surgery has always been a challenge. The results of different published series are highly controversial.

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