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With its 500 Hz repetition rate and 5D eye tracking, the SCHWIND AMARIS 500E is a fast, efficient and precise eye laser system for refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery. The very fine 0.54 mm laser spot it shares with all SCHWIND AMARIS lasers enhances the precision and smooth corneal modelling of this device. It offers all of this in a compact, space-saving package.

The SCHWIND AMARIS 500E can be used with all standard laser treatment methods, including SCHWIND’s touch-free SmartSurfACE with its faster healing and faster vision recovery than with traditional surface treatments. 
With SCHWIND CAM treatment planning, the AMARIS product family covers a uniquely broad range of applications.

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  • Close-up of the products` laser area

Precise: 5D eye tracking

Treatment success is enhanced by SCHWIND’s proprietary active 5D eye tracker which enables a unique level of precision. It is linked to the SCHWIND diagnostic systems and captures all eye motion (static as well as dynamic) during the procedure, for outstanding outcomes.


  • Eye-model with visualizing of the five dimensions

During the procedure, it precisely determines and compensates for the following eye movement dimensions:

  1. X-axis
  2. Y-axis
  3. Horizontal rolling
  4. Vertical rolling
  5. Eye rotation around the visual axis: static and dynamic cyclotorsion

Changes in pupil size are detected, and the laser is adjusted as necessary. In conjunction with the 5D eye tracker, this automatic function ensures correct centring throughout the procedure.

Touch-free and gentler to the eye: SCHWIND SmartSurfACE 

The SCHWIND AMARIS family works with all common treatment methods. This includes SCHWIND’s innovative SmartSurfACE technology. SmartSurfACE combines the benefits of touch-free TransPRK surface treatment with innovative SCHWIND SmartPulse technology. In TransPRK, vision is precisely corrected through the top layers of the cornea, gently and without touching the eye.

It works without suction, cut or incision. SmartPulse leaves the cornea surface smoother after lasering, accelerating the healing process. The patient experiences more comfortable treatment and faster recovery.

  • Vergleich der Behandlungszeit des AMARIS 750S im Vergleich zu anderen Marktteilnehmern

Fast: 500 Hz pulse rate

The fast repetition rate and short ablation time of 2.0 seconds per dioptre* provide more patient safety and comfort. It is significantly faster than other laser systems on the market. The speed of treatment helps prevent cornea dehydration, since patients don’t need to keep their eyes open as long.

*LASIK, no astigmatism, 12.5 mm HSA, 6 mm optical zone

Very high patient safety and comfort through fast ablation of 2.0 seconds per dioptre*

Very high precision through 5D eye tracking

Uniquely broad range of applications with SCHWIND CAM

Safe, gentle, and touch-free treatment with SmartSurfACE

Compact and space-saving

*LASIK, no astigmatism, 12.5 mm HSA, 6 mm optical zone

Versatile: SCHWIND CAM

The modular SCHWIND CAM software facilitates optimum treatment planning for a very wide range of applications in refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery. SCHWIND CAM takes into account all diagnostic data, including corneal wavefront, ocular wavefront and pachymetry (central cornea thickness).

The modules are:

•  ORK-CAM for refractive corneal surgery
•  PresbyMAX for presbyopia treatment
•  PTK-CAM for therapeutic corneal surgery

The KPL (keratoplasty) option in PTK-CAM supports safe and precise corneal transplants for patients for whom perforating keratoplasty is indicated.

Intelligent Thermal Effect Control (ITEC)

Higher safety through corneal temperature monitoring and laser pulse sorting for minimum heating, resulting in very gentle ablation


Clever management of your treatment data for reliable decisions

Automatic Fluence Level Adjustment (AFLA)

Balanced pulse number and energy for the perfect combination of fast treatment and high corneal smoothness

Integrated slit lamp 

Immediate postoperative control down to the deep layers of the cornea

Corneal Collagen Crosslinking lamp

Lamp integrated in the workflow – Ready to use immediately, no additional adjustment necessary


Simplified data administration through secure and straightforward connection of SCHWIND technologies; data is always accessible without the need for SD cards or USB sticks and the associated handling

Swivelling laser arm and powered swivelling bed 

Comfort and convenience for patient, doctor and assistants

Treatment Assistant Manager (TAM)

Easier operation through controlled sequence of the operation steps light intensity, microscope magnification, OCP use and fixation points; each step is individually adjustable

Automatic video record of treatment 

Many teaching, reviewing and marketing possibilities

Contact-free online pachymetrie (OCP)

Continuous corneal thickness measurement means enhanced safety


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