In 2022 SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions is celebrating a significant milestone in its history: 30 years ago, a SCHWIND laser was first used in the treatment of myopia.


SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions is proud to announce that Adagia Partners, a pan-European private equity firm, has acquired the company from the private investment house Ardian.


Watch the recording of the live surgeries by Ivan Gabric, MD and Maja Bohac, MD, with the SCHWIND ATOS - the new generation of intelligent femtosecond laser technology.


Prof. Sathish Srinivasan, founder and Medical Director, is very pleased to use the jubilee model in the private eye clinic.


For his ametropic patients in Austria, Switzerland and Poland, he offers the complete refractive treatment spectrum. Since 2016, he uses the SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS.

A remarkable success story in the refractive surgery market in a region where the competition is intense.

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What do doctors say about our products?

Ophthalmic surgeons the world over trust our products. Here, some of them discuss their experience with SCHWIND technologies.