Speaking from experience – We’ve had our eyes lasered

Patients talk about their treatments with SCHWIND laser systems

People get their eyes lasered in order to enjoy greater quality of life and more freedom without glasses or contact lenses. Whether for sport, job, or at home on the couch, with SCHWIND laser technology the dream can come true. Our laser systems offer high levels of comfort, safety, and treatment success. Some of our employees decided to try it. They had their eyes lasered with SCHWIND technologies. Here, they talk about their personal experiences.

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In our SCHWIND YouTube-Channel we have video reports by real patients. Please note that the patient reports in the linked YouTube playlist were not made by or for us, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information in them. 


German eye surgeon and scientist Detlev Breyer, MD, successfully undergoes presbyopia treatment with SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS.

User reports Experiences

She had her eyes lasered in June 2015 by the touch-free SmartSurfACE method


She had her eyes lasered in December 2011 by the Epi-LASEK method


He had his eyes lasered in May 2010 by the Femto-LASIK flap method

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Our SCHWIND employees rely on SmartSurfACE eye laser treatment with SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems - and also recommend it to their friends and family. When one of our employees' wife opted for an eye laser treatment at KSA Vision Clinic in Tallin, she was accompanied by camera. You can watch her eye laser journey in this video.

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Take a look and accompany a patient at her touchless SmartSurfACE laser eye surgery - from preliminary examination to first impressions after her treatment.

Highly satisfied patients

The employees of SCHWIND eye- tech-solutions deal with the topic of laser eye surgery on a daily basis. In spite of this, a degree of courage is required to make the decision to undergo laser correction eye surgery. But it is so worthwhile because the newly acquired vision without the need for aids hugely enhances their quality of life. “My knowledge of the excellent capabilities of the SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems reassured me and made me feel safe, and my chosen doctor made me feel that I was in good hands the whole time“ – that appears to be the unanimous verdict of the highly satisfied patients from the SCHWIND company – even years after treatment.

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