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SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions GmbH
Mainparkstrasse 6-10
DE-63801 Kleinostheim
phone: +49-(0)6027 - 508-0
fax: +49-(0)6027 - 508 208


Management Board: Domenic von Planta (CEO)
Registered seat: Kleinostheim, Germany
Registration court and number: Aschaffenburg HRB 14160 
VAT Registration Number: DE 310 388 711

Responsible for content: Domenic von Planta, address as above

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Information published by Schwind domains may contain references to products or services which are not distributed or available in your country. Such information does not imply that SCHWIND intends to offer these products or services in your country. Please contact our regional distribution partner for further information on the availability of these products and services.

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