SCHWIND CAM – a uniquely wide scope of applications

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    SCHWIND CAM start screen

Precision treatment planning from one of the technology leaders

Careful procedure planning is critical for successful corneal surgery. As one of the technology leaders, with SCHWIND CAM we offer a high-performance, user-friendly, safe and time-saving system solution for laser treatment.


SCHWIND CAM consists of three modules. Each addresses all factors relevant to its applications:


ORK-CAM is the module for refractive laser correction. It uses aspherical ablation profiles for aberration-free treatment, as well as treatment with corneal or ocular wavefront data. The module provides a variety of functions and can be used for all common ablation techniques – LASIK, FemtoLASIK, PRK, LASEK and TransPRK or SmartSurfACE.



The PresbyMAX® presbyopia treatment module is designed for bi-aspheric, multifocal ablation profiles. It can be used to treat emmetropia, myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism in patients whose accommodative response is limited.  



The PTK-CAM module addresses therapeutic treatments. It supports round, elliptical and individual refraction-neutral ablation profiles. The KPL (keratoplasty) option helps in planning safe and precise corneal transplants for patients for whom perforating keratoplasty is indicated. 


 Benefits at a glance

Coverage of a uniquely wide range of refractive and therapeutic treatments 

The right treatment for every patient

User-friendly through modern, intelligent design

  • Overview of treatment structure with SCHWIND software

    SCHWIND CAM treatment spectrum


Doctors can offer patients a wide range of procedures. With its modular structure, SCHWIND CAM software covers a comprehensive range of applications in refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery. 


Complete patient-specific planning

Individually adjustable default settings based on best practice along with plausibility checks help the doctor plan quickly and safely. The SCHWIND CAM software processes all diagnostic data, including corneal and ocular wavefront and corneal pachymetry, to get an individual profile that is 100 percent specific to the individual patient. Static cyclotorsion control adds even more precision in astigmatism and wavefront treatments.


Easy operation

SCHWIND CAM is extremely user-friendly. Treatments can be planned on SCHWIND diagnostic devices or directly on SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems. 

Features like colour coding of refraction types and a virtual keyboard, and parameters like the expected postoperative corneal keratometry, offer extra convenience and certainty during use.