PresbyMAX® – Innovations for ageless vision

  • Distance comparison of eyes during diffrent treatment methods

Presbyopia treatment with a unique wide range of uses

With the SCHWIND CAM PresbyMAX module, doctors can help patients with limited  accommodative response see comfortably at all distances. Numerous publications document the success of these presbyopia surgery treatments with very good clinical outcomes.

Benefits at a glance

High-precision planning of all presbyopia treatments with SCHWIND AMARIS lasers

High patient satisfaction through three treatment types with different focus on near and far vision

Ability to reverse multifocality with Presby Reversal

  • High scala of the non-dominant eye during treatment

    Hyperopic presbyopia profile of a non-dominant eye

  • High scala of the dominant eye during treatment

    Hyperopic presbyopia profile of a dominant eye

  • Value comparison of dominant eye and non-dominant eye

Three treatment types against presbyopia

In all treatment types, both eyes contribute to visual acuity at all distances. Both play an active part in vision and ensure binocular sight.

PresbyMAX Monocular sgives especially good distance vision.

PresbyMAX Hybrid gives patients fast vision recovery and good vision at all distances. 

PresbyMAX µ-Monovision is designed for good vision close up.


Broad treatment range

Emmetropic, myopic, hyperopic, and astigmatic patients can be treated aberration-free, with PRK, TransPRK, SmartSurfACE, LASEK, LASIK, FemtoLASIK or Re-Lift. The SCHWIND AMARIS laser gently removes the ablation volume.


Higher depth focus and minimal contrast loss

PresbyMAX optimises depth focus for the treatment type chosen and minimises contrast loss, so that patients enjoy comfortable vision at all distances. 



The unique Presby Reversal function allows the doctor to partially or completely reverse the induced multifocality if desired.

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