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Quality from one of the technology leaders

Our entire focus is on eye laser surgery, and our business strategy is built on the long-term satisfaction of doctors and patients. Through continuous innovation, we have repeatedly been responsible for pivotal progress in the field of eye laser treatment. Our solutions are based on the deep specialist knowledge and long experience of our staff, and on our close and fruitful collaboration with doctors.

As a result, over the more than 30 years of our company’s existence, we have become one of the technology leaders in eye laser surgery. Today, SCHWIND technology is in use in over 100 countries, and more than 2,350 of our laser systems have been sold worldwide.

CE marking 

Medical devices are subject to strict quality assurance requirements. These requirements include both quality management and methods for certification and registration. All SCHWIND lasers  bear the European CE-mark for medical devices. This mark is subject to the legal framework of the European Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/45 and assures our customers and their patients that SCHWIND lasers continuously meet the very high safety and performance requirements for a medical devices.

Advanced laser technology

SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems set standards in speed, precision, safety, and ease of use.

They make use of pioneering innovations, like their high ablation speed and unique eye tracking in seven dimensions, which greatly increases the precision of the laser ablation.

Accordingly, the German-developed and German-made SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems are considered by independent experts to be the most advanced excimer lasers today. It is patients who stand to benefit the most from the resulting fast, precise and safe laser correction treatments.

Benefits at a glance

Up to 1050 Hz repetition rate – fast modelling of the cornea for more safety and comfort, and faster healing

Modelling at two energy levels – gentle ablation with minimum treatment time

Laser beam with uniquely gentle profile – very smooth ablation surfaces, faster attainment of clear vision

Thermally optimised laser pulse distribution – protection from corneal overheating, faster healing

1050 Hz eyetracking in up to 7 dimensions – perfect positioning of the laser beam

Corneal thickness measurement during treatment – continuous monitoring to assure that ablation proceeds as planned

Aspherical ablation profiles – improved perceived vision through retention of the natural corneal shape

Swivelling patient bed – more comfortable lying down and getting up

Up to 1050 laser pulses per second

The faster the treatment, the higher the safety – and SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems are extremely fast. Depending on the model, they can correct a dioptre of nearsightedness within 1.3 to 2 seconds. That means that you as the patient don’t need to stare at the fixation light for long. Since the corneal tissue is exposed for only a very short time, it doesn’t dehydrate, and regeneration is faster.

Automatic energy adjustment

SCHWIND has developed the world’s only automatic energy adjustment technique, for the ideal combination of speed and precision. The SCHWIND AMARIS laser first ablates about 80 percent of the target tissue at high energy. The duration depends on the extent of the visual defect and is monitored by the software throughout the procedure. The remaining 20 or so percent are ablated by a gentler laser beam, giving a smoother surface and thus better vision.

Gentle laser beam

The SCHWIND AMARIS has a beam width of just 0.54 mm, much finer than others. The beam also has a special shape, the “super Gaussian beam profile”. This fine beam gives a particularly smooth corneal surface.

Protection from corneal overheating

Excessive heating of the cornea can cause temporary clouding, resulting in a milky haze instead of clear vision. SCHWIND AMARIS lasers reduce the risk of corneal clouding with the help of a unique thermal control system. The laser pulses are distributed on the cornea in such a way that no overheating can occur, while also allowing fast treatment with the maximum pulse rate per second.

Fast eyetracking

During eye lasering it is naturally very important that the laser hits the right spot. To make sure it does, SCHWIND developed a unique eyetracker system. 1050 times a second, it registers the movement of the eye during treatment and compensates for even the smallest changes in position. Thus, the laser beam is always in an ideal position.

Continuous corneal thickness measurement during treatment

With SCHWIND AMARIS lasers, the thickness of the cornea is measured continuously during the entire treatment. The doctor thus knows at all times how much corneal tissue is left so that the cornea retains sufficient stability after the laser correction.

Aspherical ablation profiles

The eye is shaped like a ball, but it is not a perfect sphere. SCHWIND laser systems therefore work with aspherical ablation profiles that take into consideration the natural curvature of the cornea and the biomechanics of the eye. This prevents treatment-related aberrations.

Full concentration

SCHWIND AMARIS lasers make things easier for doctors in many ways, so they can focus entirely on the patient’s eye. A display in the surgeon’s field of view presents key information about the laser and the treatment at all times. With the press of a button, he or she can access working preferences and individual presets. Touchscreen monitors contribute to making procedures easier for the surgeon to perform.

Patient comfort

SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems are also comfortable for patients. For example, there is the option of a diagnostic slit lamp. This lets the doctor examine the treated cornea immediately after the treatment, without the patient having to move to a separate examination room. The swivelling bed makes it possible to combine the SCHWIND AMARIS laser with a femtosecond laser, without the patient having to get up. The swivelling laser arm on the SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS and 750S makes lying down and getting up easier.