Ophthalmic surgeons the world over use our technologies. Here, some of them talk about their experiences with SCHWIND technologies.

Dr. Soheil Adib Moghaddam of Bina Eye Hospital from Teheran

Soheil Adib-Moghaddam, MD

Bina Eye Hospital
Teheran, Iran, Islamic Republic of

Dr. Akin Akyurt of Veni Vidi Göz from turkey

Akin Akyurt, MD

Veni Vidi Göz
Istanbul, Turkey

Prof. Jorge Alió of Vissum Medical Ophthalmologic Corporation from Alicante

Jorge Alió, MD

Vissum Medical Ophthalmologic Corporation
Alicante, Spain

Dr. Bruce Allan of Moorfields Eye Hospital from UK

Bruce Allan, MD

Moorfields Eye Hospital
London, United Kingdom

Dr. Maria Clara Arbalaez of Muscat Eye Laser Center from Muscat

Maria Clara Arbelaez, MD

Muscat Eye Laser Center
Muscat, Oman

Dr. Shady Awwad of American University of Beirut Medical Center Eye Clinics from Beirut

Shady Awwad, MD

American University of Beirut Medical Center Eye Clinics
Beirut, Lebanon

Dr. Carmen Barraquer of Instituto Barraquer de America from Bogota

Carmen Barraquer, MD

Instituto Barraquer de America
Bogota, Colombia

Dr. Pierre Baudu of Clinique Avicenne from Le Port

Pierre Baudu, MD

Clinique Avicenne
Le Port, Réunion

Dr. Massimo Camellin of Sekal Rovigo Microsurgery from Rovigo

Massimo Camellin, MD

Sekal Rovigo Microsurgery
Rovigo, Italy

Dr. Diego de Ortueta of Aurelios Augenzentrum from Recklinghausen

Diego de Ortueta, MD

Aurelios Augenzentrum
Recklinghausen, Germany

Dr. Erika Eskina of SPHERE Augenlaserklinik from Moskow

Erika Eskina, MD

"SPHERE" Augenlaserklinik
Moscow, Russia

Dr. Marcelo Fonseca from Laserview in Brazil

Marcelo Fonseca, MD

Curitiba, Brazil

Prof. Nikica Gabric of Specialty Eye Hospital Svjetlost from Zagrab

Nikica Gabric, MD, PhD

Specialty Eye Hospital Svjetlost
Zagreb, Croatia

Dr. Virgilio Galvis of Centro Oftalmológico Virgilio Galvis from Bucaramanga

Virgilio Galvis, MD

Centro Oftalmológico Virgilio Galvis
Bucaramanga, Colombia

Dr. Ants Haavel of KSA Vision Clinic from Tallinn

Ants Haavel, MD

KSA Vision Clinic
Tallinn, Estonia

Prof. Dr. Dr. Hafezi of ELZA Institute AG  from Zurich

Farhad Hafezi, MD, PhD

ELZA Institute AG
Dietikon/Zurich, Switzerland

Dr. Detlef Holland of nordBLICK Augenklinik Bellevue from Kiel

Detlef Holland, MD

nordBLICK Augenklinik Bellevue
Kiel, Germany

Dr. Stefanos Ikonomou of Athenaeum Refractive Center from Athens

Stefanos Ikonomou, MD

Athenaeum Refractive Center
Athens, Greece

Dr. Emilio Juarez from Instituto Oftalmológico Tres Torres in Spain

Emilio Juarez-Escalona, MD

IOTT – Instituto Oftalmologic Tres Torres
Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Bartlomiej Kaluzny of OFTALMIKA Augenklinik from Bydgoszcz

Bartlomiej Kaluzny, MD

Bydgoszcz, Poland

Dr. David Sung-Yong Kang of EYEREUM Ophthalmic Clinic from Seoul

David Kang, MD

EYEREUM Ophthalmic Clinic
Seoul, South Korea

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kohnen of Klinik für Augenheilkunde der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt from Frankfurt

Thomas Kohnen , MD, PhD

Klinik für Augenheilkunde der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Dr. David Lin of Pacific Laser Eye Centre from Vancouver

David Lin, MD

Pacific Laser Eye Centre
Vancouver, Canada

Dr. Michiel Luger of Bergman Klinik from Utrecht

Michiel Luger, MD

Bergman Clinics
Utrecht, Netherlands

Dr. Wang Quinmei of Wenzhou Medical University Affiliated Eye Hospital from Wenzhou

Wang Quinmei, MD

Wenzhou Medical University Affiliated Eye Hospital
Wenzhou, China

Dr. Ik Hee Ryu of B&Viit Eye Center from Seoul

Ik Hee Ryu, MD

B&Viit Eye Center
Seoul, South Korea

Dr. Pavel Stodulka of GEMINI oční klinika from Zlin

Pavel Stodulka, MD

GEMINI oční klinika
Zlin, Czech Republic

Dr. Jerry Tan of Jerry Tan Eye Surgery from Singapore

Jerry Tan, MD

Jerry Tan Eye Surgery
Singapore, Singapore

Dr. Minoru Tomita of Minoru Tomita Eye Clinic Ginza from Tokyo

Minoru Tomita, MD

Minoru Tomita Eye Clinic Ginza
Chuoku-Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Sun Tong of Shenzhen AIER Eye Hospital from Shenzhen

Sun Tong, MD

Shenzhen AIER Eye Hospital
Shenzhen, China

Dr. José Miguel Varas of Centro Oftálmico Varas Samaniego from Guayaquil

José Miguel Varas, MD

Centro Oftálmico Varas Samaniego
Guayaquil, Ecuador

Dr. Paolo Vinciguerra of Instituto Clinico Humanitas from Milano

Paolo Vinciguerra, MD

Instituto Clinico Humanitas
Milan, Italy

Dr. Jérome Vryghem of Brussels Eye Doctors from Brussels

Jérome Vryghem, MD

Brussels Eye Doctors
Brussels, Belgium

Video user reports

Ophthalmic surgeons report on their experiences with SCHWIND technologies. 

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Instituto Zaldivar – Mendoza, Argentina

"The Ophthalmologist" in conversation with Dr. Roberto Zaldívar and Dr. Roger Zaldívar, ophthalmologists and refracting surgeons. Why did they buy the SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS excimer laser? – “Six months ago I tried to decide to get the best laser that I think is available in the market and I need the laser who is very fast, very precise, very prestigious and very efficient…”

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FreeVis LASIK Zentrum – Mannheim, Germany

“I followed SCHWIND closely for the last 25 years because I started refractive surgery back in 1993 and I still remember the early days of this procedure. During these years I used all the excimer lasers on the market to perform LASIK and other refractive surgery procedures. Just about half a year ago (2017) I decided to buy the SCHWIND AMARIS laser. There were basically three reasons…”

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Pacific Laser Eye Centre – Vancouver, Canada

"Hi, my name is Dr David Lin and I'd like to share my experiences with SmartSurfACE with you. We have been performing SmartSurfACE since June of 2014 and today we've treated over 4,500 cases and we're now averaging over 3,000 eyes a year - and it is completely transformed how we perform laser surgery in Vancouver…"

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Ophthalmic surgeons the world over trust our products. Here, some of them discuss their experience with SCHWIND technologies.

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