“2 in 1” topographer and aberrometer

Exact data on the corneal and ocular wavefront in one step

SCHWIND PERAMIS offers a precise measurement of the optical properties of the cornea and the entire eye

SCHWIND PERAMIS combines a high-resolution topography device with an aberrometer which, with its unique pyramidal sensor, identifies ocular wavefront aberrations particularly precisely. The data from the cornea and the entire eye can be compared and aberrations can be exactly located.

Comprehensive assessment of corneal and ocular wavefront data in one step

Three to six-times higher aberrometer resolution than is usual on the market thanks to up to 45,000 measurement points

High accuracy of the Placido topographer thanks to 5,632 measurement points

Precise centring and results through static cyclotorsion correction information for treatment with SCHWIND AMARIS and SCHWIND ATOS laser systems*


High detail resolution

With 45,000 and 5,632 measurement points respectively, the aberrometer and Placido topographer achieve an excellent resolution. Corneal and ocular aberrations can be captured with particular precision as a result.

The aberrometer takes up to 33 images per second in a single contactless measurement process. This allows refractive changes to be recorded and depicted, while the patient is accommodating.

Well-founded analyses

Thanks to integration of the two diagnostic tools into one device, the corneal and ocular wavefront data for the entire eye can be quickly accessed, compared and analysed. SCHWIND PERAMIS also offers maps and simulations for more in-depth analysis. This makes it easier for the ophthalmologist to decide what treatment method is most suitable and supports them when speaking to the patient.


Keratoconus screening

This convenient tool provides important corneal data and can make a pre-operative contribution to avoiding possible complications associated with ectasia.


The integrated function captures the pupil diameter dynamically or statically depending on the defined lighting conditions. Precise data concerning the pupil centre and diameter are essential for planning and performing most refractive treatments.

Densitometry image

Density measurement allows for objective assessment of possible opacities and cataracts.

Manufacturer: CSO SRL, Italy / *Available soon

SCHWIND diagnostic systems - High-precision, multi-functional, easy to use

Diagnostic system by Schwind eye-tech-solutions

The MS-39, SCHWIND SIRIUS+ and SCHWIND PERAMIS contactless diagnostic systems offer an impressively wide range of measurement methods for refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery. Equipped with high-resolution technologies, they provide comprehensive support for the individual treatment decision – whether with corneal and ocular wavefront data, pachymetric or epithelial data (OCT-based). The systems impress with ergonomically well thought out detail functions, a high level of user-friendliness and a seamless connection to the SCHWIND laser systems*, and work with the convenient Phoenix software. Patient data and reports from all three diagnostic systems can be saved in a shared database. Summary: high-performance diagnosis paired with improved efficiency in daily clinical practice. The diagnosis data can be imported into SCHWIND treatment planning software with a click of the mouse.*

  • High-performance diagnosis for well-founded treatment decisions
  • Easy to link with the treatment planning software *
  • More precise centring and enhanced results through static cyclotorsion correction information for treatment with SCHWIND AMARIS and SCHWIND ATOS laser systems*

Manufacturer: CSO SRL, Italy / *Available soon

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