SCHWIND WiseNET – Visualise your treatment outcomes

Clever management of your treatment data 

SCHWIND WiseNET is a valuable tool for individual data visualisation, in single practices as well as in large eye clinics. Its web-based database saves you effort, money, and most of all time. In addition, it is a useful assistance for scientific studies and presentations at congresses.

SCHWIND WiseNET is a valuable help in visualising your treatment outcomes. With this web-based database you can capture refractive treatment data quickly and precisely, and present it graphically for all sorts of uses in daily clinical work. Diagrams show visual acuity, refraction including astigmatism, and follow up periods, so that you can systematically monitor your treatment outcomes.

Benefits at a glance

Systematic monitoring of treatment outcomes 

Share and visualise tratment results

Quick and easy graphical presentation

Access at any time, from any internet-capable device with a sufficiently large display

Intuitive user interface

Optimised for refractive corneal surgery

Digitaler Datenaustausch mit SCHWIND Wisenet

Share and visualise results

You can of course use WiseNET just for yourself. But you can also share and visualise your treatment results with other members of the SCHWIND user family sharing WiseNET via the SCHWIND Cloud Community. You define which results you show and which group can see it, whether a study group, a privately initiated group or the wider SCHWIND public group to which all WiseNET users have access. Patient-related data is always anonymised.

Schematic diagram of the SCHWIND Cloud Community

Transparent and trust-building

You can use WiseNET for your patient marketing. Providing your patients treatment outcomes makes your performance transparent and builds trust.



The perfect assistance for studies

SCHWIND WiseNET is ideal as assistance for scientific studies and presentations at congresses. You can access data gathered previously, analyse it systematically by topic and present it visually.

Numerous diagrams* are provided, which show information on the precision, safety and stability of the results in the selected group.

*standardised according to the requirements of peer-reviewed publications  

User-friendly and focused 

WiseNET is set up as an internet platform. You can access your data and groups regardless of your operating system, at any time and from any internet-capable device with a sufficiently large display. Its intuitive user interface makes WiseNET simple to use.

You can also easily import data from the AMARIS laser systems and SCHWIND diagnostic devices.