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SCHWIND Combi Wavefront Analyzer – Bundled knowledge

Topograph, Scheimpflug camera and aberrometer in one

The SCHWIND Combi Wavefront Analyzer is SCHWIND’s most powerful diagnostic system, bundling the capabilities of SCHWIND PERAMIS and SCHWIND SIRIUS into a 3-in-1 solution.

This gives the doctor all the necessary information on topography, aberrometry and pachymetry in a single sitting, for evaluation with the same software. 

A unique feature of all SCHWIND diagnostic devices is the inclusion of static cyclotorsion control in all treatment methods using SCHWIND AMARIS.

3-in-1 system combining topograph, aberrometer and Scheimpflug camera

Placido topograph with 1 µm resolution for high precision

Aberrometer with three to six times higher resolution than the solutions commonly found on the market, for very high accuracy

Scheimpflug camera for wide coverage, three-dimensional corneal analysis

Enhanced safety through detailed pachymetry map and keratoconus screening

Comprehensive evaluation of corneal thickness and wavefront data in a single step

Static cyclotorsion information for more precise treatment results

All diagnostic data at a glance

  • Ablation profile with wavefront
  • Diagnosis system Combi Wavefront Analyzer

Extremely precise measurements

The Combi Wavefront Analyzer identifies corneal and ocular aberrations very accurately. The 5632 analysis points of the topograph with placido technology give excellent 1 µm resolution of corneal wavefront data. With up to 42,000 measurement points, the aberrometer has three to six times higher resolution than other commonly used systems. 

The diagnosis is made even safer by the sophisticated Scheimpflug camera, which gives a pachymetry map with detailed information on the entire anterior section of the eye, including corneal thickness. The Combi Wavefront Analyzer is also ideal for keratoconus screenings.



An integrated pupillometry function aids in treatment planning. It captures the pupil diameter either dynamically or statically, depending on defined light conditions.


Comprehensive evaluation

The Combi Wavefront Analyzer enables direct comparison of corneal and ocular wavefront data, so that internal aberrations can be detected and evaluated. By providing detail data as well as an overview for analysis of individual patient information, it helps the doctor determine which treatment method is best suited. 

The Combi Wavefront Analyzer can also calculate the power of intraocular lenses and help with contact lens fitting.


Convenient measurement

All diagnostic functions and data evaluation are controlled by the same software. The physician can view and directly compare all data in a common database. 

SCHWIND Diagnostic Systems – multi-functional, user-friendly, reliable

Diagnostic system by Schwind eye-tech-solutions.

The SCHWIND Corneal Wavefront Analyzer, SCHWIND PERAMIS, SCHWIND SIRIUS and the all-purpose Combi Wavefront Analyzer (combination of SCHWIND PERAMIS & SIRIUS) offer a comprehensive range of measuring methods and diagnostic options for refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery, including corneal and ocular wavefront as well as pachymetric data. Their sophisticated ergonomic design and user-friendliness make clinical work easier.

All diagnostic data can be imported into the SCHWIND CAM treatment planning tool at a mouse click. 

A unique feature is the inclusion of static cyclotorsion control in all treatment methods using SCHWIND AMARIS. This provides for optimum centring and enhanced precision in astigmatism and wavefront treatment.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Wide range of measuring methods for individual analyses
  • Simple data export to treatment planning
  • Static cyclotorsion information for more precise treatment results

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