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The program focuses on the three main laser vision correction procedures using SCHWIND technologies: SmartSight, SmartSurfACE , and SmartLASIK.


SCHWIND Laserman: Help is in sight


He was the first to have his eyes lasered with the new AMARIS 750 laser in his own clinic and opted for a SmartSurfACE treatment.


A crucial factor for the decision of Agnieszka Kaluzna was the consistently very good vision results achieved so far in patients of the Oftalmika Eye Clinic with SmartSurfACE.


The ophthalmic surgeon recently had his own visual deficiency corrected with the flagship of the AMARIS product family. “I found wearing glasses every day inconvenient, and they were a nuisance."

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What do doctors say about our products?

Ophthalmic surgeons the world over trust our products. Here, some of them discuss their experience with SCHWIND technologies.