Press Release 15.05.2018

Already 1000 SCHWIND AMARIS lasers installed worldwide

Special 1050RS limited edition with noble black & white high-gloss paint finish

The SCHWIND AMARIS family remains on the road to success: The thousandth
AMARIS laser system recently left the SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions production line.
On the occasion of this „Jubilee“, the company is now offering eye surgeons a
special edition with the flagship AMARIS 1050RS in a noble black & white high-
gloss paint finish and premium configuration. The SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS
Limited Edition is equipped with, for example, 7D Eyetracking for unmatched
precision and safe treatment, SmartPulse Technology for especially smooth corneal
surfaces and the SCHWIND SIRIUS diagnostic system, which unites the topographer
and Scheimpflug camera in one device. The black color of the jubilee edition refers
to the panther, which represents the image motif for the SCHWIND AMARIS.

Most powerful excimer laser technology

Since its launch in 2007, the SCHWIND AMARIS "TotalTech" laser has established
itself as a constant pacesetter in the market. The world's leading excimer laser
technology has been continuously evolving and is available as a product family in
three variants - with pulse rates up to 1050 Hertz and an eye tracking system which
actively compensates for up to seven dimensions in space and time. In addition to
steadily higher performance rates, AMARIS technology continues to impress with
groundbreaking innovations, including the SmartSurfACE procedure (combination of
the touch-free TransPRK surface treatment and the innovative SmartPulse
technology), the latest PresbyMAX variants for the treatment of presbyopia and the
Keratoplasty (KPL) function for planning and supporting corneal transplants.
With all of its developments, the company's primary goal is to provide surgeons with
a comprehensive armamentarium to achieve high precision and extremely safe
treatment results, thus ensuring a better quality of life for their patients. SCHWIND
AMARIS laser systems enjoy high popularity across the globe and have been
installed worldwide, with the exception of the US.