Press Release 02.10.2019

SCHWIND participates in "Einheitsbuddeln"

Management team plants trees to mark German Unity Day

SCHWIND eye-tech solutions took part in the "Einheitsbuddeln", the large tree planting campaign for the occasion of German Unity Day. The SCHWIND management team took up their shovels and planted 10 trees on the large green area of the company premises. In addition, wildflowers will be planted there next spring, providing a rich food supply for bees and other insects. Care was taken to plant tree varieties that can withstand hot and dry environmental conditions.

"SCHWIND is a company on a growth course. Last year, we erected an ultra-modern, additional company building. Now we are returning a piece of nature to the region," says Managing Director Rolf Schwind. SCHWIND eye lasers are used worldwide for refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery. Nevertheless, a regional commitment is also very important for Rolf Schwind. In view of the current debates on climate protection, the company wanted to make a statement with regard to the environment and nature. Trees bind CO2, provide oxygen and shade, and at the same time are home and food source for numerous animal species. After advice from a landscape gardener, the decision was made in favour of ten fruit trees, including apple trees. It remains to be seen whether the employees will soon be able to enjoy the fruits. The young trees require intensive care in the first few years until a high-yield harvest can be expected.

The "Einheitsbuddeln" ( #einheitsbuddeln) campaign was launched by this year's organiser Schleswig-Holstein on the occasion of German Unity Day. The aim of the Germany-wide campaign is to plant as many trees as possible every year on 3 October.