Jobs at Schwind: The daily work routine in logistics

Insight into the activities of the deputy head of logistics

Our employee Thomas Otto occupies the position of deputy head of logistics in the logistics department.

About the logistics department

The logistics department is a central processing point for all goods movements, from goods receipt to delivery. All material is delivered to us. We make sure that the delivered goods arrive in the right department, store the necessary parts for our laser production and carry out the inventory. When an order for a Schwind Laser arrives, we pick the required parts for production and take care of the delivery of the finished laser to our customer. We also pack and ship orders for spare parts for service orders, or for example marketing materials.

Thomas Otto is deputy head of logistics at Schwind

Thomas Otto waves a truck up at the goods acceptance

Typical tasks in logistics

Our daily tasks include receiving deliveries and their entry into our ERP system, a program that we use to plan our stocks and, of course, the storage of the goods.

As soon as a laser is finished in our production, the logistics team takes care of prompt picking and preparation for dispatch. If an ophthalmologist or clinic has ordered a laser with special equipment, we book the extras and print the delivery note. We supervise the professional packaging of outgoing shipments, in accordance with the packaging plan we have drawn up, and check the shipping documents. Not until we have signed the acceptance protocol are the laser devices loaded onto a truck and the consignment note with all information is handed over to the forwarding agent. 

For this purpose we always keep an eye on our stocks and reorder the required parts if necessary, as well as processing spare parts orders.

What do you like about your job?

The work at Schwind in logistics is very versatile, also because many special regulations have to be complied with for medical devices. I am a career changer and have already worked as a clerk before. Here at Schwind every day is different and presents me with new challenges. I especially like to coordinate deadlines in order to be able to deliver the goods on time and I appreciate the good cooperation with my colleagues.

What are the requirements for working in logistics? What qualifications do you have?

I have an education as a clerk in the area of post calculation. You would also have the right qualifications as a specialist for warehouse logistics. In addition, you need computer skills, you have to be able to work with an ERP system, you have to be able to work with Excel and Word. An affinity for numbers, social skills and English language skills are also an advantage.

How many years are you already part of the SCHWIND family?

I have been working for the Schwind company since March 2006. A Schwind employee drew my attention to an open position at that time. I liked the medium-sized family business, especially because they attach great importance to social benefits for their employees.

Logistics department of SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions GmbH

Order picking requires concentration and care

The deputy head of logistics at work

As deputy head of logistics, many tasks also have to be done on the PC

What is your personal advice for everyone interested in a job in logistics?

With an apprenticeship as a specialist for warehouse logistics, you have good prerequisites for a career in logistics. If you enjoy your job and continue your education, you have good opportunities for advancement.

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