Press Release 10.07.2020

CE approval for SCHWIND ATOS® and SmartSight

Significant expansion of the SCHWIND application range through femtosecond technology

SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions has received CE approval for the SCHWIND ATOS femtosecond laser. This enables refractive surgeons to offer their patients minimally invasive lenticule extraction, the  SmartSight procedure, as a treatment option. The refractive correction is performed entirely with SCHWIND ATOS. Featuring intelligent eye tracking with pupil recognition and cyclotorsion compensation, the laser system provides precise centring of the patient’s eye along the visual axis. SmartSight is a precise and gentle treatment method, which leaves the upper corneal layers largely untouched. The procedure can be used for the treatment of myopia and astigmatism. In addition, SCHWIND ATOS offers precise flaps for FemtoLASIK. 

"SCHWIND is continuously working on the goal of providing the eye surgeons and their patients with up-to-date, safe and precise  treatment options based on our latest technologies. With the CE approval for our femtosecond laser, we have reached another milestone," says managing director Rolf Schwind.

  • intelligent femtosecond laser technology by SCHWIND

    SCHWIND ATOS® – intelligent femtosecond laser technology by SCHWIND

With SCHWIND ATOS, the already comprehensive range of applications from one of the technology leaders has been significantly expanded. The new combination SmartSquare, consisting of the highly developed ATOS femtosecond laser and the globally established and successful AMARIS excimer laser, covers, amongst many other applications, advanced all-laser procedures in refractive surgery. SCHWIND ATOS provides SmartSight lenticule extraction as well as the flap cut for FemtoLASIK. SCHWIND AMARIS can be used for intrastromal LASIK treatment and the touch-free TransPRK/SmartSurfACE surface treatment.