Press Release 17.05.2018

Innovative SmartSurfACE laser vision correction

SCHWIND market offensive with touch-free surface treatment

On occasion of the ASCRS Congress in New Orleans, United States, SCHWIND has launched the innovative SmartSurfACE procedure. The new brand name stands for the combination of advantages from the touch-free TransPRK surface treatment with the innovative SmartPulse technology. There is no touch, no suction, no incision and no cut - vision is precisely corrected through the top layers of the cornea. The SCHWIND AMARIS laser carries out the visual correction in one single step. The healing process is faster and vision recovers sooner than with traditional surface treatments. And since SmartSurfACE is non-invasive, there is less stress on the cornea, and the potential for more biomechanical preservation and stability.

Through SmartPulse Technology, SmartSurfACE gives an impressively smooth corneal surface, starting directly following the procedure. Patients experience a „wow“ effect in their vision right after the treatment. Clinical results from over 1,000 procedures document the high efficacy of SmartPulse – vision recovers significantly faster than without. In addition, higher vision performance in the early postoperative phase was observed. Unlike with LASIK or lenticular extraction, with SmartSurfACE the sometimes unpleasant suction or unnecessary pressure on the eye can be avoided. In normal cases it also leaves a higher residual stromal thickness, giving the patient higher safety. A big advantage is the absence of a flap, thereby eliminating all flap-related complications, including incidence of dry eye. There is no additional weekening of the cornea. SmartSurfACE is suitable for all laser candidates who want to see clearly. It’s ideal for active and athletic people who do contact, water or air sports, as well as for professions where sharp vision is needed and for patients with thin corneas.