SmartPulse – the “wow” effect 

Smoother corneal surface for faster vision recovery

The revolutionary SmartPulse laser technology of SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems improves patient visual acuity immediately following treatment.

With SmartPulse, the cornea has a very smooth surface after lasering. This results in excellent vision quality in the early post-operative phase.

Vector graphic of a lense on white background
Standard deviation of optical zone

The graphic shows local deviations in microns in the 3 to 6 mm diameter area. The cornea is signifi cantly smoother with SmartPulse. Over the entire surface, roughness declines from about one pulse (0.75 μm) to a third of a pulse (0.25 μm).

Optimized pulse distribution through innovative 3D model of the cornea 

Smoother cornea profile for faster healing than without SmartPulse

Better vision immediately following treatment – the “wow” effect

Optimum laser pulse distribution

SmartPulse uses a three-dimensional geometric model with fullerene structure that describes the curvature of the cornea very realistically. This sophisticated method allows better, closer and more even spacing of the laser pulses on the cornea, resulting in a much smoother corneal surface than in treatments without SmartPulse.


Extensive applicability

SmartPulse can be used with all treatment methods, whether stromal or surface. The benefits are most pronounced with SmartSurfACE.