Successful Clinic Management with SCHWIND Technologies in Times of the Pandemic

Dr. Derhartunian directs his Eye Laser Centers across three national borders

For his ametropic patients in Austria, Switzerland and Poland, he offers the complete refractive treatment spectrum. Since 2016, he uses the SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS.

He endures exhausting journeys for his patients. This has entailed many hours of car driving over the last months in order to compensate for pandemic-related flight cancellations and to perform on-location laser treatments with the SCHWIND AMARIS eye laser. 
Since 2013, Dr. Victor Derhartunian successfully manages his own Eye Laser Center under the brand name EyeLaser in Vienna, Austria, where he lives with his family. In 2016 the EyeLaser Eye Center in Zuerich, Switzerland was added. The opening of the SwissLaser Eye Clinic in Warsaw, Poland followed in 2019. „This clinic foundation was for me – not in the least because of my family roots in Poland - an affair of the heart“, says Dr. Derhartunian. 


SCHWIND user since 2009 

In all three clinics, the complete refractive treatment spectrum is offered. He performs treatments since 2016 with the flagship of the SCHWIND AMARIS product family, the SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS. „After having also worked with systems from competitors, I can say: Ever since I have employed SCHWIND diagnostic devices in combination with the AMARIS 1050RS, I was able to further optimise clinical treatment outcomes. The results are very convincing“, says Dr. Derhartunian. What he likes particularly about the collaboration with SCHWIND is the high professional competence, the friendly, fast and individual service, as well as excellent training opportunities tailored to the individual needs of the doctor. Dr. Derhartunian has many years of experience using SCHWIND technologies, going back to 2009 when he performed his first AMARIS treatment as assistant in the team of Prof. Thomas Kohnen, Frankfurt, Germany.  

Key to success

From the beginning, the eye surgeon attached great importance to effectiveness: no investors, no large, elaborate clinic structures. Instead, a focus on essentials through compact units with short decision paths. All of that combined with top technologies from SCHWIND and a technically highly qualified clinic team of specialists. The ultimate goal is to offer the patient excellent treatment quality.
Dr. Derhartunian treats patients in all three clinics himself and focuses primarily on the treatment of complex cases. Moreover, he specialised three years ago in the treatment of presbyopia. „With the SCHWIND PresbyMAX procedure, we can offer a very good solution for compensation of presbyopia and have significantly expanded our patient target groups“, says Dr. Derhartunian.

The highly qualified team of optometrists, specialists and medical personnel has been built up by himself. He is available to his patients on-site or online for consultation. „Acceptance of online advice has greatly increased through Covid. The biggest challenge is the coordination of appointments between th clinics“, says Dr. Derhartunian. 


How does he accomplish this high workload? „I try to be careful not to exhaust myself. This requires a reliable organisation with a highly qualified clinic management and teams in the individual clinics. These are networked with each other in order to optimise workflow. The diagnostic preliminary examinations take place on-site and are transmitted to me. This allows me to familiarise myself with the diagnostic results ahead of time“, explains Dr. Derhartunian. The treatments are planned six months in advance. 

Changed patient behavior

The pandemic has not made planning of the clinic procedures any easier. Dr. Derhartunian has also observed changes in the behaviour of his patients. He perceives an increased tendency to diffuse fears. In his view, high degree of empathy is therefore necessary more than ever to meet the individual needs of patients among country-specific and often different mentalities, and to build a relationship of trust. 

Many patients decide on short notice for an eye laser treatment. A frequent reason for this is the wearing of protective masks. The glasses fog up when wearing the mask. This encourages patients to realise the longed-for eye laser surgery as soon as possible. At the same time, there are more cancellations due to Covid illnesses or quarantines. Moreover, the clinics in Poland and in Switzerland were temporarily closed due to country-specific regulations. The mentioned factors still ensure high dynamics in the organistisation of the entire clinic system. A high level of flexibility and adaptability of the team is required to ensure efficient operations and successful patient care.

High quality as strategy

‚Quality first‘ is Dr. Derhartunian‘s most important guarantee for success and the basis of his strategic orientation – as different as the market conditions at each country location regarding mentality, income structure or basic openness to an eye laser treatment may be. The ultimate goal is to best possibly meet the individual needs of the patient.

„The brands EyeLaser and SwissLaser stand for „Finest Refractive Surgery“ and for the claim to continuously care for all patients, medically and technologically, at the highest level possible. SCHWIND AMARIS eye laser systems provide excellent prerequisites to achieve this goal. The combination of professional and personal competence with top technology is our recipe for success. The satisfaction of the patient has the highest priority. The treatment is complete when the patient is satisfied.“


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