Patient 09/2017

Complete satisfaction with the result

CEO of the Oftalmika Eye Clinic treated with AMARIS 750S and SmartSurfACE

A crucial factor for the decision of Agnieszka Kaluzna was the consistently very good vision results achieved so far in patients of the Oftalmika Eye Clinic with SmartSurfACE.

From left to right: Surgeon Dr. Iwona Jaworowska-Cieslinska, Agnieszka Kaluzna and Dr. Bartlomiej Kaluzny immediately after the AMARIS SmartSurfACE treatment

They work together well as a team: Dr. Bartlomiej Kaluzny, a refractive surgeon, directs the anterior eye segment division of the Oftalmika Eye Clinic in Bydgoszcz, Poland. His wife Agnieszka Kaluzna is the managing director of the clinic. However, their medical colleague Dr. Iwona Jaworowska-Cieslinska was in charge of the recent SmartSurfACE treatment with the AMARIS 750S. “My wife and I decided to avoid a situation that may compromise professional objectivity. I only checked the laser setting and was present during the treatment,” says Dr. Kaluzny. A laser correction had been discussed for a long time. Allergic conjunctival reactions were making it increasingly difficult for Agnieszka Kaluzna to wear contact lenses. However, a crucial factor for the decision was also the consistently very good vision results achieved so far in patients of the Oftalmika Eye Clinic with SmartSurfACE.

Agnieszka Kaluzna during treatment

Agnieszka Kaluzna underwent treatment for defective vision of -3.25 and 0.5 D cylinders in the right eye and -3.0 and 0.25 D cylinders in the left eye. Based on presbyopic symptoms to be expected in the future, both eyes received mild myopic target refraction (-0.15 D in the dominant and -0.6 D in the non-dominant eye). “During the first few hours after the treatment, I didn’t feel any pain but I had to cope with intense sensitivity to light, more tearing and itching. By the next day, I already felt much better and the healing process of the cornea moved along quickly,” Agnieszka Kaluzna remembers. One week after the treatment, her uncorrected distance visual acuity (UDVA) was 0.8 and 0.6. After one and a half weeks, she was able to resume her regular daily activities in full, including driving. Healing was nearly complete after six to eight weeks. “A course that is typical for all laser patients in our clinic. In general, we observe that the visual acuity recovery time is significantly shortened with SmartSurfACE,” summarises Dr. Kaluzny. And Agnieszka Kaluzna says: “If I had to decide all over again, I am absolutely certain that I would undergo SmartSurfACE treatment again. My new vision represents a big gain in quality of life for me.”