Refractive surgeon Lucija Žerjav, MD, has her myopia corrected with ATOS SmartSight treatment

SmartSight has become her treatment of choice for myopia.

She treated numerous patients with SmartSight before she decided to have her myopic eyes corrected with the SCHWIND procedure.

Dr. Lucija Žerjav, a distinguished ophthalmologist affiliated with the Svjetlost Eye Clinic in Croatia, holds the distinct honor of being the first refractive surgeon to personally undergo eye laser treatment utilizing the cutting-edge SCHWIND SmartSight technology. Dr. Žerjav's commitment to her craft and dedication to her patients led her to undergo the SCHWIND procedure after successfully treating numerous individuals with SmartSight. Her decision to experience the procedure firsthand has not only reinforced her expertise but also enabled her to provide invaluable guidance to her patients throughout their treatment journey.

Remarkably, the treatment outcomes achieved thus far have been exceptionally favorable. Many patients, including Dr. Žerjav herself, have attained 20/20 vision or even superior visual acuity just one day following surgery. As a result of these outstanding results and her personal endorsement, SmartSight has rightfully earned its place as Dr. Žerjav's preferred method for addressing myopia. Her commitment to excellence and the outstanding outcomes witnessed among her patients firmly establish her as a champion of SCHWIND SmartSight technology within the field of refractive surgery.


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