Patient Company SmartSurface 08.2015

“Great improvement in quality of life”

SCHWIND employee treated with TransPRK and SmartPulse

Nadine Dietrich, executive assistant at SCHWIND, deals with the topic of laser eye surgery every day. She has been treated with the SCHWIND Amaris 1050RS.

After many years of wearing glasses and contact lenses, the 36-year-old recently underwent laser treatment with the SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS to correct her ametropia (-4.75 D in the left eye and -5.00 D in the right eye). The surgery was performed by Dr Diego de Ortueta, Head of the Aurelios Eye Clinic in Recklinghau­sen, Germany. “For safety reasons, a ‘no touch’ TransPRK was the only procedure that was an option for me, because the treatment does not require a flap. In addition, I do sports regularly,” said Nadine Dietrich. The availability of the new SmartPulse technology also played a significant role in her decision to undergo the surgery.

The treatment flew by for Nadine Dietrich and was painless, from insertion of the lid speculum to the lasering itself. The laser beam felt like nothing more than a “gust of air” on her eye. The ablation – including the epithelium – took just 38 seconds per eye. Directly after the surgery, her visual acuity was approximately 40 per cent. The next day, the epithelium had already healed over two thirds. After just three days, the foreign body sensations had disappeared and she could see without any noticeable limitations. After removal of the bandage contact lens, visual acuity on the fourth day was around 60 percent. Six weeks after the treatment, her visual acuity was as good as it was with her glasses or contact lenses before the treatment.

Amazing feeling

“The only disadvantage compared with contact lenses is that I can’t cut onions without crying any more. My husband will have to do that from now on,” commented Nadine Dietrich with a grin, before adding: “All in all, my new vision offers me a much better quality of life. It’s a really amazing feeling to wake up every day and be able to see clearly straight away. My eyes aren’t dry and tired of an evening any more. I also don’t have to plan for which activities I have to take lenses, eyecare products or glasses with me – whether it’s for work, the family or sport. That saves me time and money!”

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