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Unique insights into the inner life of the ultra-modern AMARIS eye laser

SCHWIND opens its doors to visitors.

Factory tour at SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions in Kleinostheim offered the high-tech SCHWIND AMARIS eye laser on the occasion of the 17th ‘Days of Industrial Culture’.

On Friday, 09.08.2019, 70 visitors from all age groups arrived at SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions in Kleinostheim, Lower Franconia, on the occasion of this year's 17th edition of the ‘Days of Industrial Culture Rhine-Main’ for a factory tour, and were offered insight into the finest in cutting-edge technology.

 "We took part in this event for the first time and are pleased about the great interest and the consistently positive response of the participants. The guided tours were fully booked within a very short time," says Managing Director Rolf Schwind.

The innovative high-tech eye lasers from SCHWIND are used in laser centers, eye clinics and practices in more than 100 countries worldwide. The participants experienced how they are developed and built during an exciting two-hour tour through the new, ultra-modern showroom, the production and development departments.

They were particularly impressed by live demonstrations and unique insights into the inner workings of the world's leading SCHWIND AMARIS eye laser systems, which were introduced for the first time in 2007 and are constantly being further developed.

"I have been thinking for quite some time myself about finally getting rid of my annoying glasses by laser eye treatment. Today's event has brought me an important step closer to this decision." Some of the participants expressed similar experiences as well. The interest was especially great when the most common treatment methods were presented on the device and modern laser eye surgery was shown at the highest level.

During the 17th ‘Days of Industrial Culture’ from August 3-11 a total of 195 events were hosted in the Rhine-Main region. The aim is to make it possible for residents and guests of the region to experience how the region functions, what it does in terms of industrial production, what the economic, historical and architectural foundations look like - and how all this shapes their own everyday lives. To this end, 50 cities, administrative districts and the regional association have joined forces in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region to form the Cultural Region. Since 2005, the non-profit organization has been networking the diverse local and regional culture across national borders and promoting intercommunal cooperation.

Impressions of the factory tour

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