Already 900,000 TransPRK or SmartSurfACE procedures

SCHWIND is pace-setter for gentle and no touch surface treatments

With more than 900,000 treatments performed so far, SmartSurfACE, the proprietary TransPRK procedure from SCHWIND, continue to grow rapidly.

No touch eye laser treatment in one step is becoming increasingly popular among SCHWIND users. With more than 825,000 treatments performed so far, SmartSurfACE, the proprietary TransPRK procedure from SCHWIND, continue to grow rapidly. Using TransPRK or SmartSurfACE, the eye and the cornea are not touched with any instrument. This distinguishes the SCHWIND procedure from other common methods of correcting visual deficiencies.

Gentle and in one step

Launched in 2009, the globally-established TransPRK treatment by SCHWIND impresses with unrivalled benefits: the technologically advanced SCHWIND AMARIS Excimer laser corrects visual deficiencies gently and in one step, without suction of the eye, flap or incision, and without the use of alcohol. Treatment takes place directly on the upper surface of the cornea. There are no cut or flap complications. This non-invasive method leaves a very stable cornea with highly precise outcomes, and thus provides more safety for the patient. The expertise of eye surgeons using TransPRK is also reflected in scientific journal articles including experiences and clinical outcomes with the no touch eye laser treatment: TransPRK has proven its efficacy in more than 40 peer reviewed publications.

"Wow"-effect in terms of vision

The key advantage of SmartSurfACE is the combination of the proven TransPRK surface ablation method and the revolutionary SCHWIND SmartPulse Technology introduced in 2015. SmartPulse allows the laser pulses to be arranged optimally and positioned more closely than before. This leads to optimum vision quality in the early postoperative phase, and significantly faster healing. As a result, patients experience a “wow” effect in their vision right after the treatment. Clinical outcomes1 from over 1,000 procedures document the high efficacy of SmartSurfACE. The innovative surface treatment also impresses with economic efficiency: TransPRK or SmartSurfACE is easy and time-saving in use. No femtosecond laser is required to perform the no touch eye laser treatment.

1SCHWIND Multi-Centre Evaluation of TransPRK outcomes with SCHWIND AMARIS using SmartPulse Technology. Lin DT, Vinciguerra P, Arbelaez MC, Awwad ST, Kang D, Luger MHA, de Ortueta D, Tan J. 2015.


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